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Pocket Guide

Interview With Chirstopher Magruder

Q:Where did the idea for this logo come from?

I have always thought it would be a good idea to have an option of transferring or downloading information to your phone, ipod or mp3 player other than just typical music files. The idea just kind of grew from there.

Q:What application did you use to design this logo? E.g., Illustrator.

I do 95% of my work in adobe illustrator and this case was no different.

Q:What was your design process for this logo? I.e., Did you start out with pen and paper then move to the computer?

A couple of quick sketches for ideas, placement and overall composition then it was off to the computer for refinement. This is usually the process that I take when developing logo ideas. I feel that starting with paper first allows me to cover as much ground as possible, as quickly as possible, which interns helps me narrow the focus to the final ides.

Q:What font(s) were used in the logo?

New Gothic and Arial.

Q:How did you choose the color scheme for the logo?

I wanted the color scheme to be true to reality so I went with a blue color for the pocket to represent jeans and kept the mp3 player classic white as normal.

Q:How long did it take to complete the logo?

A couple of rounds of changes, fonts and colors. All in all about two days.

Q:What do you feel was your biggest challenge in designing the logo?

Getting the mp3 player to show enough of it to be recognizable while still making it look like it was still inside a pocket.

Q:Now that the logo is finished, is there anything you would change about it?

This is always a loaded question! I feel that the logo is successful and I would keep it as is.

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