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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update the site?

I update the site every day with two new logos in the general gallery. I also update the site once per week, each Monday with a new featured logo.

How long does inclusion into the gallery usually take?

It depends on how many submissions I’ve received recently. If submissions are slow, your logo may go live quickly. If submissions are high, it could a couple weeks or longer. However, if I really like your logo, it’s possible that I could include it in the the gallery ahead of other logos that were submitted before yours.

How do you decide what logos make it into the gallery?

I’m the sole judge of whether or not a logo makes it into the gallery. Some things I take into consideration are: how simple, memorable and versatile the logo is.

I submitted a logo but it isn’t showing up in the gallery. What’s the deal?

Logos are not automatically included in the gallery. All logos are manually reviewed first. If your logo isn’t showing up, it was either not selected or there were other logos submitted ahead of it which means it could take longer to be included in the gallery.

How will I know if the logo I submitted makes it into the gallery?

I email the submitter to let them know when the the logo will be in the gallery. I also tweet about all new logos in the gallery, so be sure to enter your Twitter username when you submit and follow LogoGala on Twitter for updates.

I submitted a logo but haven’t received a confirmation that you received it. How do I know you received it?

I typically do not send confirmation emails to let you know I’ve received a logo. If you submit a logo and are then redirected to the “thank you” page, everything should have worked as planned. If you don’t see the “thank you” page, there may have been complications. Please contact me and I’ll check to see if it was received. If you never received an error when submitting your logo, but it still isn’t in the gallery, and it was such an amazing design that you can’t believe I didn’t add it to the gallery; contact me and I’ll double check that I received it.

I answered all of the interview questions, why is the logo I submitted not in the gallery?

Answering all of the interview questions does not guarantee that your logo will be included in the gallery.

I answered all of the interview questions. Why was my logo not featured?

Answering all of the interview does not guarantee that your logo will be featured. I receive a lot of submissions, many with the interview questions completed. It would be impossible to feature them all.