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Designer: Drew Melton

At the age of 20 Drew Melton dropped out of Art School and started operating his freelance business under the name justlucky. Just an in-experienced designer with a lot to learn He jumped into freelancing. 3 years later Drew is still in love with his job but He’s learned a little along the way.

Drew Melton is a letterer and designer (sometimes illustrator) based out of Grand Rapids, MI. His work has taken off since the start of “The Phraseology Project”. The idea is simple, take user submitted words or phrases and design them with type. This project has led him to a number of opportunities with brands such as Toyota & Saatchi and Saatchi. Drew’s work has also been published on a number of blogs along with a number of interviews he has done. At 23 Drew is just getting started as he continues to pursue his passion lettering and design.

Logos by Drew Melton in the Gallery

  • Lavirgin
  • Ryan Prins
  • Dry Ink