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Articles in the "Logo Design" Category

  • Mainstream Logo Redesign Techniques You Won’t Want to Miss

    Posted on Jan 10, 2017 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 0

    Redesigning a logo can be a bit tricky. You want to update the brand’s look, but you also don’t want to erase all of the things that made customers fall in love with old icon. So how do you blend the new and old into a harmonious logo design?


  • Tips for Creating a Personal Logo Design with Ease

    Posted on Dec 30, 2016 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 0

    Designers spend so much time creating brand pieces for other people that it’s easy to forget about our own branding. But that’s exactly what you need if you expect to be taken seriously in your career. A personal logo can go a long way toward helping you establish a strong brand identity. Here, the design team at Company Folders shares some of their own logo creation process:


  • Great Ideas for Two-Letter Logo Designs

    Posted on Dec 23, 2016 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 0

    Sometimes, spelling out a brand’s entire name in its logo isn’t the most effective use of space. You can design a much more creative—and memorable—logo if you combine the brand’s initials into a cool symbol. Whether you’re working with a client or crafting a logo for your own brand, you can get inspired with these creative ways to turn brand initials into logo designs.


  • The Fundamentals of the Perfect Logo Design

    Posted on Dec 20, 2016 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 0

    Logo designs use certain ingredients, like symbols, typography, and colors. But according to the team at Company Folders, these concrete elements are only a small part of what makes or breaks a logo. After studying logos from brands like Red Bull, Nike, and Disney, they discovered successful logos have 7 intangible ingredients in common. Here’s a taste of the ingredients you’ll need to create a truly great logo:


  • Logo of the Month - September 2012

    Posted on Oct 02, 2012 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 2

    I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so rather than explain all the reasons why I haven’t, I’ll just get down to business.

    Instead of picking 10 or so designs each month as the “best of,” I’m going to (hopefully) pick one design each month as the “Logo of the Month.”

    It’s not that I don’t have the desire to put the time into the site to pick 10 designs, it’s just that it’s tough to find time lately (which is why the blog has suffered).

    At any rate, here’s your Logo of the Month! Enjoy!


  • The Ryder Cup Gets a New Logo

    Posted on Feb 06, 2011 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 2

    New and Old Ryder Cup Logos

    Anyone that knows me, knows I’m an avid golfer. I couldn’t wait to post this blog entry when I found out that the Ryder Cup had redesigned their logo.

    The original design is extremely dated and has a very clip art feel to it, especially the Ryder Cup. The new design gives the brand a very sophisticated look in a crest-like style.


  • Best of January, 2011

    Posted on Feb 06, 2011 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 0

    It’s been a couple months since I last posted a “best of” entry. It was a busy holiday time with family and work and I just didn’t take the time to post. I apologize to those designers that submitted designs in November and December and didn’t get the opportunity to be in the “best of” entry for those months. I hope to be back on track going forward. Here’s your best of January, 2011. Thanks to everyone that submitted a logo.


  • Best of October, 2010

    Posted on Nov 17, 2010 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 2

    Here are my picks for the best logos on LogoGala from October, 2010. The logos are in no particular order. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


  • Best of the Previous Eight Months, 2010

    Posted on Oct 01, 2010 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 3

    Time seems like a trick sometimes; I feel like it’s only been a few weeks at most since my last blog entry. It’s been much longer than that, though. I apologize for the huge time gap between posting, but I’ve had a lot going on in the last eight months. So much that I basically only had enough time to keep the gallery updated with new designs, and nothing else. The reason for the lack of time lately is because of the birth of my daughter. For anyone that doesn’t have kids, wow, it makes it tough to fit in web updates between all of the feeding and changing. I feel like I’m slowly starting to get back into some resemblance of a routine and plan to start updating the LogoGala blog on a more regular basis again with at a minimum, the best designs of each month. I also have some major changes in store for LogoGala, but I’ll save that for a later blog entry. So, without further ado, here are my favorite designs over the last eight months.


  • Best of January, 2010

    Posted on Feb 23, 2010 by Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 2

    It was a good first year for LogoGala. The site has grown much fast than I ever anticipated and is getting close to the 100,000 page view per month mark which is by far the most popular site I’ve ever developed. I’m hoping to surpass that mark sometime in the next few weeks. I’m a little late posting the latest of the “Best of” series (again) but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Here’s the best of January, 2009: