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The Fundamentals of the Perfect Logo Design

Posted on Dec 20, 2016 By Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 0

Logo designs use certain ingredients, like symbols, typography, and colors. But according to the team at Company Folders, these concrete elements are only a small part of what makes or breaks a logo. After studying logos from brands like Red Bull, Nike, and Disney, they discovered successful logos have 7 intangible ingredients in common. Here’s a taste of the ingredients you’ll need to create a truly great logo:

Audience appeal

The world’s best logos succeed because they capture the target audience’s imagination. Take Red Bull’s audience, which is defined by gender, age, education, career, and interests. Its logo appeals to this target audience and impacts them psychologically. Here’s a secret, though: not everyone is your audience. Your brand serves a specific group of people, so learn as much as you can to appeal to them.

New elements

Examining logos that already exist and why they work is an important part of design. But it’s easy to take inspiration too far by mimicking somebody else’s work. When your logo is too similar to an existing design, it comes across as unoriginal and thoughtless. So find inspiration, then give your design new, creative elements that show off your brand’s originality.


When creating a logo, you may find yourself in a frenzy of adding cool features. This part of the process helps your logo evolve, but you’ll eventually want to stop. Complex logos are harder for consumers to recognize at a glance—which hurts brand awareness. So take a step back to review your design honestly. Which elements are necessary? Which aren’t? Then cut out anything that’s not moving the brand message forward.

Final Thoughts

These are just 3 of the 7 secret ingredients every great logo needs. View The Recipe for a Perfect Logo Design to discover the remaining 4 ingredients!

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