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Mainstream Logo Redesign Techniques You Won’t Want to Miss

Posted on Jan 10, 2017 By Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 0

Redesigning a logo can be a bit tricky. You want to update the brand’s look, but you also don’t want to erase all of the things that made customers fall in love with old icon. So how do you blend the new and old into a harmonious logo design?

The creative team at Company Folders rounded up this collection of the 7 most effective logo redesign strategies to help you strike the perfect balancing act. Here’s a sneak peek of what they found:

Strive for simplicity

Good logo designs showcase a brand’s personality. Unfortunately, many designers think that “personality” and “complication” are the same thing. They use wonky fonts that are hard to read, toss in too many colors, or create complex shapes that take customers’ brains a long time to process. When you redesign a logo, make it your mission to see how minimal a design you can create and still convey the brand’s message. Your logo’s simplicity will be a welcome break from the clamor of other brands.

Look to your brand’s past

There’s nothing like a blast from the past to revitalize a brand. If the logo you’re working with has already been evolving for a few years, take a look at the older iterations. You might find one that you can update and bring back to life. Reviving an old logo helps you reconnect with a past audience while still adding innovative new touches to attract today’s audience.

Add interest with hidden meanings

Once a company has an established client base, it’s okay to have a little fun with them. Creating hidden meanings in a logo—usually by manipulating negative space—is the designer’s equivalent of letting people in on an inside joke. They’ll spend a lot more time engaging with the design and trying to find all the different meanings. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of sending multiple brand messages within a small amount of space.

Discover 4 more great techniques for redesigning logos when you view the full graphic! And be sure to check out the professional logo designs created by the Company Folders team.

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