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Great Ideas for Two-Letter Logo Designs

Posted on Dec 23, 2016 By Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 0

Sometimes, spelling out a brand’s entire name in its logo isn’t the most effective use of space. You can design a much more creative—and memorable—logo if you combine the brand’s initials into a cool symbol. Whether you’re working with a client or crafting a logo for your own brand, you can get inspired with these creative ways to turn brand initials into logo designs.

Shared vertical strokes

Since many upper- and lowercase letters have vertical strokes, combining these lines is a great way to merge two letters into one cohesive symbol. The connection creates a unified brand identity and adds visual interest, yet still makes the logo simple and easy to read.

Removed or cropped letters

Cutting off a portion of a letter sounds counterintuitive at first—after all, how will people read it? The answer is that the human brain will help them. Because our minds are trained to recognize and process letters at a glance, they can actually perceive what a letter is supposed to be, even if part of it is missing. This playful design is a great way to engage viewers’ imaginations.

Occupied negative space

Playing with negative space is one of the best ways to make super creative logo. You can manipulate the space inside letters like “O” or “D” to create cool new shapes, or you can even add space within letters that normally isn’t there. When you use negative space to send multiple brand messages, your audience is likely to spend more time interacting with your logo because they want to decode those messages.

Want to see more cool ways to convert letters into logos? Take a look at these creative techniques for two-letter logos: from the team at Company Folders. You can also check out their logo design services if you’re looking for help with your next logo project.

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