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Changes to LogoGala

Posted on Aug 11, 2009 By Deron Sizemore in Site News | 7

I’ve been swamped lately with freelance work, but had the time today to change some things around with how submissions are handled.

A while back Graham Smith of ImJustCreative wrote a couple nice reviews where he shared his thoughts on the direction of LogoGala’s featured section and how beneficial it is to get glimpse inside the designer’s mind from the interview questions asked. Graham also felt it would be a nice addition for every logo on the site to have some additional details about the logo rather than a simple submission and nothing to go accompany it to explain how the designer arrived at the final concept.

A little while later via Twitter, Bojan Stefanovic of Logoholik shared similar thoughts as Graham in that he felt the site would benefit from having every logo also have some descriptive text to go along with it to put the design in context. Some designs are great on their own without need for additional descriptions, but once you get a peek inside the designer’s mind as to their thought process, that same design can become something amazing.

I agreed with both Graham and Bojan and made some changes to the submission form tonight which will hopefully not only clear up some confusion with the submission process, but also allow everyone to get all the juicy details behind the logo even when it’s not featured. So, going forward, every single design that goes live on LogoGala will include interview questions and answers (assuming the person answered them at the time of submission).

Changes to the Way Your Inspiration is Delivered

From the time LogoGala launched, three designs per week have been featured (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). For the time being and for the foreseeable future, I’m going to change this posting schedule to one featured design per week. Most likely every Monday. The whole idea of the featured section on the homepage is to give those designs the most exposure and with only being the center of attention for two days, they’re not the center of attention very long. Featuring one design per week will make them the center of attention and hopefully drive more traffic to the respective designer’s portfolio where they will gain new clients.

Even More Change

From the start the idea was that all submissions with the “interview” questions completed would be considered for a featured spot on the homepage. With the changes outlined above, ALL designs – featured and non-featured – will include interview questions and answers and I will be the judge in selecting one design per week to be featured. I’ve received a lot of submissions with extremely short answers to the interview questions, which is fine, but these submissions will not be featured. I’m looking for thought out and insightful answers to the interview questions; these designs are most likely to be featured. Don’t let that stop you from submitting your designs and answering the interview questions in a few short words though. If I like your design, it will still make it into the gallery, just not as a featured design.

What do you Think?

What do you think about these changes? Like them? Hate them? Let me know in the comments below.

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Michael ClaytonAugust 11, 2009

I think the changes are a great step forward Deron. I especially agree that having the “featured” logo design up for a week is a great idea.

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreAugust 11, 2009

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Michael. Glad you think only featuring one design per week is a good idea. I guess at some point if I start to see an unbelievable amount of designs being submitted I’ll have to feature more than one per week (or else some will sit in the queue forever), but right now that’s not a big issue.


Jonny RixAugust 11, 2009

I also think the changes will be a great addition to an already great site, the site remains one of my favorite sources of inspiration and the logos featured are consistently great. It’s always good to find out where other designers get their inspiration from and I admit there has been multiple submissions in the past where I feel I missed out on this.

Keep up the great work Deron and thanks again for LogoGala.

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreAugust 12, 2009

Thanks Jonny for the comments. Great to hear from designers and know that I’m heading down the correct path with the site, because the site really is for the designers that submit designs. Without them, I don’t have a site. :)

I’ve got a lot more ideas going forward that I hope to implement once I get the time. It’s a work in progress.


The Logo MonkeyAugust 13, 2009

I think the changes are a great step in the right direction. I also agree that having the featured logo design up for a week is a great idea.

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreAugust 14, 2009

@The Logo Monkey - Thanks for the comments. Glad you like the changes.

Feel free to submit some of your logos to the site! ;)


The Logo MonkeyAugust 14, 2009

We will definitely consider it! Thanks!

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