LogoGala version 2.0 is in the works! We don't have a set launch date yet, but in the meantime, get on the beta invite list.

About LogoGala Inspiration Gallery

Everyone gets designer’s block from time to time when designing a logo and that’s where LogoGala comes in. LogoGala aims to be an outstanding source for logo inspiration and will be showcasing fantastic designs in the gallery. Let’s get those creative juices flowing again!

Are You a Designer?

If you’re a logo designer, you’ve come to the right place! Submit your designs for consideration into the gallery. If you would like your design to be considered for the featured section on the homepage, be sure to answer the interview questions on the submit page.

Not interested in submitting your logos? No problem. You can still browse the gallery for inspiration; that’s why LogoGala was developed.

Not a Designer?

If you’re not a logo designer, don’t let that stop you from browsing. You can also submit your own personal favorite logos from your favorite designers.

Who’s Behind the Site?

LogoGala is brought to you by Deron Sizemore, a web designer and developer living in Lexington, KY. He’s also developed Golf Ledger and is working on ColorFavs right now. LogoGala was developed with the awesome CMS ExpressionEngine.

More Questions?

Head over to the FAQ page to see the most common questions that I receive.