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Have you designed a killer logo or know of one that should be in the LogoGala gallery? Fill out the form below to submit a new design for consideration.

Submission Guidelines

  • No adult themed designs.
  • Design must be original. If a design is found to be a copy of an original design, it will be removed from the gallery immediately.
  • Please do a quick search to ensure the logo you're submitting isn't already in the gallery.

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New submissions are tweeted; designer will be @replied.

Bio will be added to designer's "details" page with their URL and logos currently in the gallery. You can skip this field if you already have a logo in the gallery.

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Please ensure your image is a 394px x 197px PNG file.

Interview Questions

The questions below are optional; however, submissions with all of these fields completed thoroughly, i.e., more than just a couple words for answers, have the best chance of being "featured" on the homepage. Featured designs appear on the homepage for a period of one week.

Note: Unfortunately I cannot feature every design. Filling out the interview questions does NOT guarantee you a featured spot.

Preferably an image that is no wider than 614px (so it fits nicely on the page).