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Interview With Dainin Solis

Q:Where did the idea for this logo come from?

The logo is inspired by the silhouette of a flying bird, the road represent movement and displacement and initial letter of the business name. The bird is a symbol of freedom, roaming and adventure.

Q:What application did you use to design this logo? E.g., Illustrator.

illustrator and photoshop.

Q:What was your design process for this logo? I.e., Did you start out with pen and paper then move to the computer?

First I started looking for keywords with the help of brainstorming and mind mapping, then I look for references and inspiration imagery and others logo design, after started the sketching phase using pen and paper, then when I was pleased with the shape started to vectorizing using illustrator, analize and pick for typography and the final touches with the help of photoshop.

Q:What font(s) were used in the logo?

I have only uploaded the version with only the icon, but in the full version of the logo I used Oblik Bold for the name and Avenir book for the slogan.

Q:How did you choose the color scheme for the logo?

The color palette represent the cultural and landscape diversity of Nicaragua. It was inspired for travel destination photos collected during the research phase.

Q:Do you have any sketches of the logo in the early stages?

I have explored several concepts playing with the initial logo of the company (V).

Q:How long did it take to complete the logo?

The logo and ID development lasted between 2 or 3 weeks.

Q:What do you feel was your biggest challenge in designing the logo?

First of all came up with the concept and then work with the color gradients in order of the transition color were smooth as possible.

Q:Now that the logo is finished, is there anything you would change about it?

I wish I had worked harder to make it unique typography.

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