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Visibility Driving Tuition

Interview With Chris Spooner

Q:Where did the idea for this logo come from?

The original idea for the logo from the client was to base the logo around a car badge concept. Being for a driving instructor this sounded like a great idea, and was a bit of a challenge that I was eager to undertake!

Q:What application did you use to design this logo? E.g., Illustrator.

I use Adobe Illustrator to design any logos, the use of a vector based application is crucial in logo design and Illustrator is in my opinion the leading vector software package in the industry. I used Illustrator in this project to construct the initial sketch into a digital file.

Q:What was your design process for this logo? I.e., Did you start out with pen and paper then move to the computer?

I usually start out sketching out ideas for a logo, in this project I took the sketching much further due to the unique style that was required. I drew out a rough idea of the lettershapes, and developed this again and again with new versions, changing small areas each time. Eventually I had a complete word with various links between the letters that I was happy with, this was scanned into the computer and placed into Adobe Illustrator.

A custom brush was then made with a long tapered edge, the rough shape of the letters was traced and the brush added to flesh out the structure of the word.

Each letter was then converted to outlines and points manually tweaked in relation to the original sketch, I also drew in guides to ensure the word had accurate proportions such as consistent x-height – something that wasn’t quite there in the sketch.

Q:What font(s) were used in the logo?

The font used on the Driving Tuition section of the logo is News Gothic.

Q:How did you choose the color scheme for the logo?

The greys were for their clean and modern image, while the pinky colour was a little link through to the colour of the driving tuition vehicle.

Q:Do you have any sketches of the logo in the early stages?

Q:How long did it take to complete the logo?

The overall creation took between 4 and 5 hours from sketching out the logo shapes to vectorising and tweaking the final logo.

Q:What do you feel was your biggest challenge in designing the logo?

The biggest challenge was the unusual concept for this logo, many logos use an existing font but the creation of a custom type style was something of a challenge but was quite a fun process.

Q:Now that the logo is finished, is there anything you would change about it?

I spent quite a while trying to manipulate the letter V to accommodate the dot on the first letter I, however any changes didn’t quite look right. It would be nice to develop some concepts on how a decent looking V could be used along with a letter I while keeping all proportions and spacing intact.

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