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Interview With Milou

Q:Where did the idea for this logo come from?

I’m fascinated with all kinds of mosaic logos now. I was browsing net, and I found the name montre which means a hole in the wall of a pottery kiln, by which the state of the pieces within can be judged.

Q:What application did you use to design this logo? E.g., Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator.

Q:What font(s) were used in the logo?

It’s my own typography.

Q:How did you choose the color scheme for the logo?

I was trying like thousands of colors for it, and after some hours I’ve found the perfect ones. Which are giving the core a little glowing.

Q:How long did it take to complete the logo?

I think it was about one day, when I’ve finished it.

Q:Now that the logo is finished, is there anything you would change about it?

Nope, I think it’s good enough. Or at least I hope so…

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