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Modern Woman’s Divorce GuideFeatured Logo

Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide

Interview With Angela Ferraro-Fanning

Q:Where did the idea for this logo come from?

A woman from California was all about empowering women who were going through a divorce. The idea was to create an online guide that was sort of a one-stop-shop for everything divorce related. The client had specifically requested using a woman (though she had wanted her with glasses originally) figure. I wanted to emphasize the empowerment portion of the logo so I placed the confident-looking woman walking across the text as if she’s moving on and past it (metaphorical for getting over the divorce). The pink helps to keep the logo feminine.

Q:What application did you use to design this logo? E.g., Illustrator.

I usually sketch and then transfer my ideas to Adobe Illustrator. The logo here is an example of this.

Q:What was your design process for this logo? I.e., Did you start out with pen and paper then move to the computer?

I always start by talking to the client. I try my best to pick their brain about colors, looks they like, style, their target market, the company values/goals, the feel they want prospective clients to receive from their logo, etc. After all of my questions have been answered, I also ask the client to supply me with any materials that might help me to understand their business better. This could include business cards, brochures, paint swatches from their walls, employee photos, policy sheets, etc. All of these materials help me to get “into the client’s brain” and to learn more about the company.

Q:What font(s) were used in the logo?

Goudy Old Style.

Q:How did you choose the color scheme for the logo?

The logo was about strengthening women. Pink was a natural color because it’s girly so it softens the theme of the logo a bit.

Q:How long did it take to complete the logo?

About two weeks.

Q:What do you feel was your biggest challenge in designing the logo?

The client seemed to already have an image for the logo in mind. For me to try to top that image is a difficult thing to do. Unfortunately, she did not go with this logo design, though she was very encouraging throughout the entire process.

Q:Now that the logo is finished, is there anything you would change about it?

This is one of my favorite logos (which is why I had the confidence to send it your way). I feel good about the end result, even though the client didn’t choose it. Logo Lounge liked this logo as well… look for it in June 2009’s edition of Logo Lounge 5.

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