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Catch 5

Catch 5

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Sean FarrellMarch 6, 2009

amazing stuff, one of my favorites of yours Mike, nice job


JWGMarch 7, 2009

Yeah, this is one of my all time favorites.  Such a great name to work with too!


Bjorn TorboMarch 10, 2009

That’s really clever. Often, ‘smart’ logos are just junk flawed by clich├ęs but this one really nails it!


KodeMarch 10, 2009

Beautifully done (me), wonderful use of negative space!


Mike EricksonMarch 10, 2009

Thanks for your comments guys.


Sneh RoyMay 20, 2009

Love this one! It comes together so beautifully :-)


jennybJuly 11, 2009

I’d definitely give a high five to this one :)

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