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Designer: Veerle Pieters

Veerle is a graphic/web designer from Belgium. She has been working for the web since 1996 but her background is in print design because the web didn’t exist yet in her school days. Even PhotoShop and Illustrator weren’t around back then :) After being frustrated by not finding a job right after school she started her own business called Duoh!. Somewhere around September 1996 she started focusing towards web design because she was fascinated by its possibilities. In 2004 she discovered that tables are not the best way to build a website and fell in love with CSS. The site that showed her the true power of CSS was the CSS Zen Garden by Dave Shea. Since then she has never looked back and always uses standards-based design for her clients. March 2005 was a turning point in her life because of the relaunch of her blog which has received a lot recognition around the web for its innovative design.

Logos by Veerle Pieters in the Gallery