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Designer: Kevin Burr

Kevin began his career early as a poster designer, winning his first award at the age of 9.

He has since honed his talents at Belmont University receiving a BA in Design Communications. It was here where Kevin discovered his true passion for logo design and all things branding. During his time at Belmont, Kevin started his freelance design company, Ocular Ink.

Kevin lives in Nashville, Tennessee and has designed for Andy Andrews (the author), Bayer, Weichert Reality, Project83, Propeller Consulting, Pat Simpson, ParentsClick, Inc., Starfish Network, and much more.

He is an award winning logo designer, has been featured on many design blogs, design inspiration websites, and 2 of his logos have been published in the book, “Los Logos 4”. More of his works will be published in 2009.

Kevin love’s life and is blessed to be able to fulfill his passion.

Logos by Kevin Burr in the Gallery

  • First Sterling Financial
  • The First Review
  • Day One Fitness
  • The Resource Box
  • Two Fish
  • Flirtbox
  • Incspring