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Designer: John Brightman Team

Stephane Gautier – Creative Director

Stéphane Gautier is not John Brightman’s secret love child. He is, however, his rightful heir. In no time at all, John B. saw in him his ideal successor: creative, demanding, audacious. So it was only natural that Stéphane accompany him on his various travels around the world in 2008, virgin voyages during which John continually urged him to soak up every culture and absorb its influences. It was at the end of these journeys that they founded, together, the John Brightman Paris agency. Stéphane cares deeply for the richness and beauty of the world and strives to convey it through his work. He is, at the same time, committed to addressing social and environmental issues. He intends, through art and activism, to carry on the legacy handed down to him by Sir John Brightman over the last few years: a respect for the world, an openness to it, that are genuine and uncompromising.

François Gatault – Art Director

François Gatault is a self-taught Jack-of-all-trades, working in design, music, photography, and video. That is precisely what captivated John Brightman, who met him during a visit to Paris in August of 2003. Although John is the first to say to any who’ll listen that “Everyone deserves a piece of the Gatault!”, it was not until 2009 that the two men began to collaborate. François made the most of this period to refine his technique and his precise, strict sensibility at the Lemonsqueezer agency, which was behind numerous successful international campaigns (Martini Bacardi, Gucci Group, Cadbury-Schweppes, among others). A true trendspotter, today he contributes his talents in design and architectural concepts to the agency.

Pauline Nicolas – Art Director

Pauline Nicolas was only 26 when her path crossed that of John Brightman at an artist’s studio in New York. The woman he affectionately calls “Ava,” a nod to the glamorous Hollywood icons of the late 50s, soon became his right hand – in a velvet glove. The agency’s Art Director, in all her meticulous perfection, is the epitome of French charm, which she channels into her work. Among the projects she has worked on are advertising campaigns for choice brands such as Guerlain Perfumes and the famous cabaret, Le Moulin Rouge…

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