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Designer: Joao Simoes

His birth name is João Simões, but you can call him Simons.

After studying 12 years in a catholic school in Lisbon he knew Arts was the way to go, so in college he started his own life journey. First he took a degree in Design in Lisbon and a semester in Slovenia, then an internship at EURO RSCG Worldwide in Lisbon, after he went to Barcelona for a Masters in Product Design while doing some freelance projects in Graphic and webdesign. Now he is currently working in Berlin at Rethink.

On his free time he loves to discover new and oldie tracks on the web, find cool underground places, do some surfing and snowboarding when possible, meeting new people and playing with his German shepherd dog’s back home.

He loves minimal design. He is detail-oriented. He is the face of new generation designers.

Logos by Joao Simoes in the Gallery

  • Demons
  • Furry
  • Damonen
  • The Villain