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Designer: Gianluca Santoro

My name is Gianluca Santoro and I am a Brand Designer based in Rome.

I graduated in 2016 in Graphic Design at the International School of Comics. During the three-years course I worked for two creative and web agency in Rome as Graphic Designer and I attended several seminars such as visual perception, photography and creative process.

After finishing my studies I attended a specialized course on Brand Design and in 2017 I started my freelance work as Brand Designer. Studying and updating daily is essential for me, so I devour books and taking classes, live and online about brand design, lettering, typography, packaging, personal branding and creativity.

I specialize in branding. I deal with brand strategy (naming, research, communications), brand and corporate image designing logos, monograms, logotype and the entire visual identity (stationery, packaging, items, etc). Often I take care of the communication plan. Customers who come to me will find a direct, clean and simple style and will be involved in the creative process getting a strong, focused and functional visual identity.

My hobbies are movies, TV series, music, traveling and everything that stimulates my curiosity and creativity.

Logos by Gianluca Santoro in the Gallery