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Designer: Anton Hilman

My name is Anton Hilman. Experienced as an Web Developer, Web Designer, Programmer, Software Engineer, IT Support and IT Consultant. Having the ability specialized in the field of logo design, graphic design, software architecture, web based application development, though I most commonly utilizes PHP, CSS, Ajax, XHTML, Javascript and XML. And in the database side, I am regularly uses MySQL.

I am a man was born at March 13, 1984 in a lovely small village, and was a degree in electronics engineering and bachelor’s degree in informatics engineering from Padang State University and STMIK Indonesia Padang.

I am resides in Padang, West Sumatra, Republic of Indonesia. I have working for some projects and some clients as IT Consultant, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Webmaster, Webdesigner and Graphic Designer in Padang – Indonesia. In my free time, I am enjoy reading, swimming, playing video games, watching movies, and spending my time with my lovely family :)

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