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Update on Promote and Win Contest

Posted on Apr 28, 2009 By Deron Sizemore in General | 5

I apologize for the delay with this contest. When the contest started I had only hoped to run it for a few weeks but as you can see it has went a little longer.

I’m ready to start tallying up the results, but I’ve got a problem. The problem is that I didn’t realize Twitter search doesn’t keep data past 25 days. My initial plan was to let the contest run and tally up the tweets (and other results) at the end. I’m sure you can see my problem now? In case you’re not following, the contest has ran for over a month now and with Twitter only keeping 25 days worth of data, that poses a problem with figuring out who tweeted about the promotion when it first launched since it was longer than 25 days ago. I’ve contacted Twitter to ask if there’s any way possible to retrieve this information (they must keep backups?) but I’ve received no response thus far from them (thanks for the great support, Twitter).

I am all about fairness and to be fair to all of those people who tweeted about the promotion when it first launched, I want to give them the opportunity to let me know that they tweeted about it before I tally the results. I really have no other option here but hope that word gets out and that most of the people who tweeted about the promotion will see this post and let me know that they should have their name in the drawing.

The honors system will be in place here, so PLEASE if you did not tweet about the contest, do not lie and say that you did. If you were one of the individuals that tweeted about the contest early when it went live, please leave a comment on this article to let me know that you tweeted about it. Be sure to leave a valid email address so that I can get in contact with you if your name is drawn.

Thanks everyone for supporting LogoGala and the promotion. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Within a week or so I hope to have this all wrapped up.

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obxdesignworksApril 28, 2009

I tweeted this, but I wasn’t sure when because, as you have seen, Twitter doesn’t keep things past 25 days. I will RT your new post.

Thanks for the hard work, Deron.


Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreApril 28, 2009

Thank you! Yeah, you were actually the last name on the list at the time when I went to record Twitter names, so I’ve got ya. ;)

Thanks for RTing for me.


JWGApril 28, 2009

Just letting you know I entered early.


Sorry for the lack of a post about the contest, I never got my blog up and running.. :(


Renee RistApril 29, 2009

I tweeted! :)

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreApril 30, 2009

@JWG: Thanks for entering. No problem on the blog post. I definitely understand. I’ve been redesigning my blog now for about a year with no light at the end of the tunnel for when it will be done. ;)

@Renee: Cool, thanks!

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