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RSS Feeds Fixed!

Posted on Dec 03, 2009 By Deron Sizemore in Site News | 0

It was brought to my attention earlier via Twitter (thanks Twitter friends) that my RSS feeds were not functioning properly. I though that was interesting considering they have worked for nearly a year with seemingly no issues, but sure enough when I tested a title link in them, I got a blank page that said “Invalid GET Data.”

I couldn’t confirm it but I assumed that Feedburner changed something recently which broke my feeds. After some Googling, I found others with the same problem. I don’t know when Feedburner decided to make the change the broke my feeds, but I hope it was only recently or else everyone subscribed to my feeds was getting this error.

It turns out the setting causing the problem was the “Track clicks as a traffic source in Google Analytics” setting which allows Analytics to track feed traffic. I don’t track feed traffic with Analytics so I simply disabled this feature and instantly the feeds were back to normal.

If anyone else is having this problem, log into Feedburner >> Analyze tab >> Configure Stats >> Uncheck “Item views” and “Item link clicks.” Save your changes and that should fix the issue.

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