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Celebrating LogoGala - Promote and Win!

Posted on Mar 13, 2009 By Deron Sizemore in General | 14

LogoGala has been online now for exactly two months. Its growth in that short period of time has far surpassed the expectations that I had before launch. In a short two months, LogoGala has quickly become a popular site for logo inspiration and is by far my most popular site.

To celebrate the success LogoGala has seen so far, I’ve decided to run a promotion which I hope will help get LogoGala even more exposure. Oh, did I mention that I’m giving away some great prizes? I didn’t? Well, in return for your helping me promote the site, I’ve got some great prizes to give away.

What are the Prizes?

How to Enter

Entering is easy. There are four ways that you can enter to win one of the prizes above. All of the ways to enter involve promoting/supporting LogoGala in some fashion.

  • Mention LogoGala, the promotion and its sponsors in a blog post. Once your post is live, come back here and leave a comment on this article with a link to your blog post so I can verify.
  • Stumble Review LogoGala (not just a thumbs up). Be sure that I can send you a message via the StumbleUpon interface so I have a way to notify you if you win.
  • Tweet about LogoGala and the promotion. Be sure to use the link I’ve supplied so that the #logogala hashtag gets included in your tweet and I can track entries.
  • Subscribe to any of the LogoGala RSS feeds. There are currently three feeds you can subscribe too: Master feed, Gallery feed or the Blog feed. Once you’ve subscribed, you will see a secret word at the bottom of any of the entries. Please email that secret word to info [at] logogala [dot] com with a subject line of “LogoGala Promotion” so that I can track entries. (subscribing to more than one feed does not give you additional chances to win).

For each promotion technique you use, you will receive one entry. What that means is each person could potentially have four chances to win a prize. There will only be one prize per person.

The promotion will run for two weeks, maybe a little longer if I’m still receiving submissions.

Good luck!

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JWGMarch 13, 2009

Cool! Just entered in all the places I can except for the blog post, which I’ll work on today.  Keeping my fingers crossed for the Helvetica Moleskines or the Wolda Annual.

:) - JWG


Jacob CassMarch 14, 2009

I mentioned your blog over in a post a few weeks back, hope that counts!

Top 10 Logo Design Galleries

Also did the rest of your promos, keep up the good work Deren! Fingers crossed for the top 3 prizes!


Carson SholdMarch 14, 2009

just gave you a tweet, hope my followers check it out!


DaniMarch 14, 2009

Hey! Great site, cool giveaway! I’ve tweeted about you, subscribed to the RSS feed, and now written about you in my blog. Check it out at: Looking for Logo Inspiration. And thanks for all your great work!


logos guideMarch 14, 2009

I mentioned your blog and Celebrating in my post “Upcoming design conferences and competitions” 
Upcoming design conferences and competitions


Renee RistMarch 15, 2009

1. Tweeted
2. SU Reviewed
3. Subscribed to the Blog RSS Feed, but the secret word didn’t show. (I subscribe via Google Reader).

Thanks for running this promo, you have some awesome prizes, and I hope it brings you tons of new readers and press—you deserve it!

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreMarch 15, 2009

Thanks everyone for your support so far!

@JWG - Looking forward to your blog post.

@Jacob - Thanks! Yeah, the “top 10…” article will be fine for an entry. ;)

@Renee - Thanks for participating. Weird you’re not seeing the secret word. I subscribed with Google Reader and it was there. It’s not as obvious as I would like it to be though. If you check the bottom of the post there are “email this,” “stumble this,” etc. links and the secret word should be with them. At any rate, even if it’s not showing for you, I believe you and have you marked down for an entry. ;) Thanks again, Renee.


AhmedMarch 15, 2009

Nice !
Logo Gala is one of those websites I love to check seeking inspiration..


Kimberly DowMarch 27, 2009

Just mentioned the promotion in my blog. Great prizes, fingers crossed!

Design For Wellbeing

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreMarch 27, 2009

Thank you for mentioning the promotion on you blog, Kimberly! I appreciate all of your contributions to LogoGala and look forward to more.


CSS Gallery ListApril 2, 2009

Hey Deron, just twitted your comp :)

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreApril 5, 2009

Thanks, Klaye! Got you entered into the contest. I’ll be drawing the winners soon.


olybopMay 28, 2009

cool, you reply on my blog yesterday about the post of logogala, i will subscribe to your twitter…
all the gift interested me…lol ;)

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreMay 28, 2009

@olybop - Thank you for stopping by and thanks for subscribing via Twitter.

Unfortunately the contest is already over and I’ve notified the winners. I’m just waiting to confirm all prizes and winners at this moment.

Thanks again for stopping by though!

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