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Best of February, 2009

Posted on Mar 02, 2009 By Deron Sizemore in Logo Design | 7

Time really flies by sometimes; I feel like I was just writing the Best of January article a day ago, but at any rate, it’s time for the second installment ever in the “Best of” series here on LogoGala.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted a design to LogoGala. I wish I could include every design in the “Best of” series because they are great in their own way, but I can only choose 10. So, here are my favorite logo designs for February, 2009.


From Lawrence Anderson

Iceburg Logo

Go Fish

From Sean Farrell

Go Fish Logo


From Kenny Dendauw Imbo

Coworks Logo

Rhino’s Life

From Mike Erickson

Rhino's Life Logo

Two Fish

From Kevin Burr

Two Fish Logo

Komplett Fitness

From David Airey

Komplett Fitness Logo

Clockwork Rhino

From Dale Harris

Clockwork Rhino Logo

Last Orders by Phone

From Mark Ballantyne

Last Orders by Phone Logo

Fish Color

From Cris Labno

Fish Color Logo

Logo Review

From Sean Farrell

Logo Review Logo

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Jason HudnuttMarch 2, 2009

I think logo review rocks! I love how simplistic it is!

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreMarch 2, 2009

I agree, Jason. I think those are the best designs; the ones that are simple. I know myself, sometimes when I’m putting together a logo design I start trying to do too much. Most of the time, less is always more. It’s evident that Logo Review is popular among others as well. It’s quickly moving up the “popular designs” list.


Richard AngstmannMarch 2, 2009

A very animal-based roundup for February! :)  But I like just about all of these, especially the informal look and feel of “gofish”

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Deron SizemoreMarch 2, 2009

@Richard - I never even noticed that while posting the article. Seven of the ten animal based. Should have referred to February as “Animal February” I suppose?


CSS Gallery ListApril 2, 2009

Great list, I think Logo Review is my fav also. Nice and simple.


Ashely AdamsMay 29, 2009

I think simplicity is the keyword in most of these designs. Of course, there are the sparks of brilliance that set some logos apart from the rest. Liked Cow Works.Two Fish is cool, too.

Admin Avatar


Deron SizemoreMay 29, 2009

Thanks for stopping by, Ashley. I agree, I thought Cow Works was a brilliant concept.

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